Parking Lots by Artemis *Seven*

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Parking Lots by Artemis *Seven*

A collection of parking lots, created by

Artemis *Seven*


IMPORTANT: The planters used in my Deco line of assets have been linked to Network Extensions 2 mod. I realize some people have problems with getting it work (Mac users specifically) and I’d like my parkings to be conflict free, however until I find (or make) a proper replacement, Network Extensions 2 will be listed as a requirement. In the meantime I’ll ask Lazarus if he can release the planter as a standalone prop.

Please report any issues (incomplete assets, broken assets, errors etc.) directly on the affected asset’s workshop page. This will make it much easier for me to troubleshoot. If you have suggestions or a wishlist of desired parking lots (links to photos) please leave them in the appropriate pinned discussions thread. You can find the Discussions tab above the collection background image.

All these parking lots feature 100% usable parking spaces, cold color temperature lighting and no resource hogging props.
They are cheap to maintain however require a little bit of power (to run the lights). They do not create interest (as in tourist attraction) to fake their usage.

NOTE: Please consult each asset’s individual page to check for required subscriptions (dependencies) – applies mostly to Decorated parkings as my Basic parkings all share 3 primary requirements. These requirements (including Deco line) are by no means resource hungry and are safe to use in hundreds of instances across your cities with minimal impact (equivalent of less than a single custom car).

NOTE: The use of TM:PE parking features is highly recommended to properly utilize all parking spaces. It is available here:
Traffic Manager: President Edition on Steam Workshop

***Coming in the near future:
1x1U, 2x1U, 2×3, 4×2, 4×3, 5×1, 5×2, 5×3
– 1x2U, 1x3U and 1×4 (left and right oriented)
– Basic: 16×1, 8×8, 8×4, 4×8, 4×4 [remake for full capacity], 2×12 (for stacking)
– Deco: 16×1 8×1 is now side-stackable, 12×1, 8×1, 4×4, 3×4, 2×4
– Diagonal: 8×1, 4×1, 3×1
– Deco + Diag: 8×1, 2×4, 4×4
– Plaza Parkings: 8x1D, 8×1, 8×3 (open-back, will fit nicely with any open space behind them like a plaza)
– Better content-aware (actually used in-game) screenshots for all parkings

(suffix “U” stands for “unlit” e.g. no lights; will only apply to smallest ones where there is no need for extra lighting;
suffix “D” stands for “Diagonal”) I started running out of space in those lines…

***Will not be coming:
parking lots larger than 4×4 (4×4 is already handicapped by the 64 prop limit, until I figure out a way to get around that limit, there won’t be any large parking lots) I found a workaround partially thanks to the assets created by DeCzaach so stay tuned for Extra Large parking lots ?
– parking lots with spaces that aren’t available for use (I refuse to make “fake” parking lots)
– parking lots filled with props/trees that feature mindboggling tri counts (these are parkings… also there are plenty of resource-hog-parking-lots already out there, with 10+ required items and a total tri count in tens of thousands)

***UPDATE 12/10/2017:
– added 1x1U, 2x1U, 2×3 as well as 1×4 (L&R variants)
– added the first Decorated parking lot with Diagonal spaces – 8×1 (Basic Diagonal 8×1 is also coming)
– stats matched appropriately to the rest of the collection

***UPDATE 13/10/2017:
– added Deco line 2×4, 4×4 and 8×1
– added Basic line 8×8 and 4×4 (as a remake with full capacity to complete the Basic line)
– added Deco+Diag line 2×4

***UPDATE 16/10/2017:
– added first Plaza line parking lot – 8×1 Diagonal

Artemis *Seven*
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