Fokker T.VIII-w

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Fokker T.VIII-w

Prop model of the Dutch Fokker T8-w / Fokker T.VIII-w by Jass.

I would advice to place it in the water, or on the ground with the beaching gear prop that will be uploaded later.

If you like this model I would appreciate you upvoting it.

The Fokker T.VIII was a twin-engined torpedo bomber and aerial reconnaissance floatplane designed and manufactured by Dutch aviation company Fokker.
It was developed in the late 1930s as a more-capable successor to the Fokker T.IV. While the Dutch Naval Aviation Service had originally desired for its use in both the home waters and in the Dutch East Indies, the Second World War broke out as production was ramping up to meet these needs.
In addition to its service in the Netherlands, both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Luftwaffe would operate small numbers of the type.

The Fokker T.VIII was a twin-engined monoplane floatplane, featuring a three-part fuselage of oval cross-section and a mid-wing configuration. The first fuselage section consisted of a monocoque light alloy construction, while the centre section was all-wood and had incorporated the wing as well; the rear fuselage section was largely made of steel tubing and fabric. The undercarriage consisted of a pair of floats composed of rust-proof duralumin; internally, each float contained six waterproof compartments along with an auxiliary fuel tank.

The aircraft’s construction changed throughout its manufacture. While the T.VIII W/G model featured a wing comprising a pair of cross-beams with bakelite ribs and clad in plywood, as well as a steel-framed tail covered by fabric; for the later-built T.VIII W/M variant, both the tail and the wing were constructed from a lightweight alloy instead. At the time of the T.VII’s development, Fokker was developing new construction methods that involved transitioning from traditional mixed-construction to an all-metal approach.

The nose section, which housed the aircraft’s observer, featured several large plexiglass windows for external visibility and a bomb-aiming panel in the floor in front of him. Behind the observer’s position was the cockpit, in which the pilot was seated on the left side adjacent to the wing’s leading edge; directly behind the pilot was the third crew member, who was a combined wireless operator/tail gunner. The movable rear gun was fitted to a retractable mounting; the pilot could also fire a fixed forward-facing machine gun. A maximum payload of 1,330 lbs of either torpedoes or bombs would be carried within a hold within the wing’s center section; this hold was furnished with hydraulically-actuated doors. Fuel was principally housed in tanks between the main spars on the wings.

The planes where quite new in service when tragedy struck. in 1939 a T.VIII-w was shot down by german fighters flying patrol over the North sea. The garmens stated the red white and blue rossets where simulair to the British RAF. This incident prompted dutch government to change it’s traditional markings to the neutral orange triangles on and orange rudder. The versions ingame will be serial number R-2 and R-4.

The R-2:
The R-2 came in service on the 5th of may 1939 and where stationed at Braassemermeer on the 10the may 1940. After take off they where attacked by german fighters and where forced to land. the Aircraft was scuttled/burned by the crew somewhere near Roozenburg.

The R-4:
The R-4 came in service on the 28th of Juli 1939 and was stationed on The Mok, Texel on the 10the of may 1940.
When Taxi away of the coast was attacked by german fighters where flight machanic Nic Kooiman got killed. This plane to lost to fire.

In total 36 where build and where pretty successful for a small batch of aircraft produced.
A large group evacuated to the UK and saw service there. Those who didn’t pay the highest sacrifice got captured by the german forces. These planes where used heavily in the mediterranean.

The model:
This file contains two props, serial number R-2 and R-4.
The R-2 is flight ready and the R-4 has its bomb bay doors open, a antenna wire and is fitted with a machine gun at the back of the cockpit.

Both models are props. It might be possible that it will be rebuild for ingame flight. But since this is my third model we will keep it as a prop for now.

The props you see in the screenshot will be released later.

R2 Tri: 7995 Lod: 3971
R4 Tri: 8613 LOD: 3971

Texture MAIN: 1024×2048 d/s
Texture LOD: 128×256 d/s

I am aware the Tri’s are pretty heavy, I might try to change this in the future. If you would like to see other texture variants for example: blank British or Dutch markings Let me know in the comments.

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