City Drive

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City Drive

What can you do with this mod?

• Setting the route and the car/motorbike to drive
• Changing the speed level when you get in a car/motorbike (FPV)
• Changing the lane manually when you get in a car/motorbike (FPV)
• Changing acceleration/braking of vehicles on normal roads (it will affect to all cars/motorbikes)
• Changing the speed limit of highways (it will affect to all cars/motorbikes)
• Object follow view for vehicles/citizens/animals with 3 different view modes
• Walkthrough (On-road vehicles / Trains / Metro Trains / Ships / Planes / Citizens)
• Freewalk

Car assets which have interior data

They can be found on the collection page (“[HD]” prefix assets)

How to set the car & the route?

• Open the “Set car drive” panel (shortcut key: left ctrl + Q)
• Select the car/motorbike
• Click(left) on the building to start > Click(left) the roads you want to relay > Click(left) on the building to end
• Right click will cancel the route
• Click “Start” button on the panel, or press “enter” key
• TAB or ESC will escape the drive

Mouse Control

• On FPV
-> Move view point
-> Right Click: the view point will be straight ahead
• On TPV
-> Move view position
-> Mouse wheel: zoom in/out
• On Freewalk
-> Move view point
• Walkthrough
-> Double click: Move to the next vehicle/citizen

Shortcut Keys

• Genral
-> Left ctrl + Q: Open “Set car drive”
-> Left ctrl + W: Start Walkthrough
-> Left ctrl + E: Open “General Settings”
-> Left ctrl + R: Open “Road settings”
-> Left ctrl + U: Show | Hide UI
-> Tab key: Free walk | Resume normal view
-> Left arrow key | Z: Change the lane (car/motorbike)
-> Right arrow key | C: Change the lane (car/motorbike)
-> Up arrow key | S: Change the speed level (car/motorbike)
-> Down arrow key | X: Change the speed level (car/motorbike)
-> Right shift | A: Resume normal speed level & auto lane position
-> H: Horizontal move of viewpoint [on/off] (car/motorbike)
-> Left ctrl + V: Changes view mode
-> M: Manual view point control [on/off] -> R: Show the route line [on/off] (car/motorbike & drive mode)
-> Left shift + up key: Move view position [to front] -> Left shift + down key: Move view position [to back] -> Left shift + left key: Move view position [to left] -> Left shift + right key: Move view position [to right] -> Left shift + S: Move view position [to up] -> Left shift + X: Move view position [to down] -> Left shift + Z: Change Nearclip
-> Left shift + C: Change Nearclip
-> Left ctrl + V: Changes view mode
-> M: Manual view point control [on/off] -> R: Show the route line [on/off] (car/motorbike & drive mode)
-> Z: Zoom-in
-> X: Zoom-out

• Demo view
-> Left ctrl + V: Changes view mode
-> R: Show the route line [on/off] (car/motorbike & drive mode)

• Walkthrough
-> N: Move to the next vehicle/citizen


• The mod has a function which vehicles on left lane run faster on highways (But each vehicle’s max speed and acceleration will affect to this item, especially when the highway speed limit is higher than the default value. So it’s not absolute).
• It works with DLCs. But there was a report it doesn’t work with Snowfall maps. I’ve not fixed yet.
• The mod will conflict to some camera mods.
• The mod uses detour program [] and has custom codes for some AIs.
• Use this mod at your own risk.

Known incompatible mods

• First Person Camera: Updated
• Enhanced Zoom Continued

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