Ground Railway-as-Metro Station

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Ground Railway-as-Metro Station

Ground Railway-as-Metro Station by Liranius

Fed up with dull vanilla metro? Try railway metro! You can build either elevated station or underground station and connect them with railway, just like metro in the real world. Free your mind!

This is an ground rail-tram station. Original model is by @Japa . I make it more compact and axial symmetry to be not that odd when placed in the middle of 2 roads. It is made for @arKtur and others who need a ground metro/tram station in the railway-metro network. The station has full length for 6-trailer passenger train.

This station is able to generate trains. You can set the start point of your train lines to it.

UPDATE 1 (3/6/2016) :

It is now 16X2 rather than 16X3, platforms are much closer to the roads’ sidewalks. Please relocate your stations to make the change take effect. Very sorry for the inconvenience. If you still need the 16X3 version, please leave your comments below. I may upload it again depends on the number of those comments.

UPDATE 2 (3/10/2016) :

The rain shelters now cover the whole platforms, cims will no longer suffer the heavy rain.
The platforms are extended to avoid cims getting off trains on the slopes.

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