ATL Semi Detached House #2

Cities: Skylines Mods

ATL Semi Detached House #2

American style semi detached houses based on homes in Atlanta. These are basic homes that will pretty much fit in any type of surroundings.

Made a few more with slight variations as well:

–ATL Semi Detached House #1
–ATL Semi Detached House #3
–ATL Semi Detached House Corner

– Lv1 Low-Res Growable 2×3 size (will grow on 2×4 zone as well)
– Random neutral-color variations.
– RICO friendly

– Main: 718 tris. 512×512 Color, Diffuse, Normals, Specular, Illumination.
– LOD: 120 tris. 128×128 Color, Diffuse, Illumination.

I recommend getting the Building Themes Mods or RICO Mod for a consistent look instead of random houses.

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Screenshots taken with Daylight Classic mod, custom LUT & custom map theme. Colors may differ compared to your game.

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