Small Sunken Plaza

Cities: Skylines Mods

Small Sunken Plaza

A 2×2 sunken park found in the plazas tab.
Cost is 3500.

It’s undecorated except for a gather spot. I suggest using Prop Snapping to get props to stick to the floor sunken below ground. Or just take it into the asset editor. Prop and Tree Anarchy and More Beautification are your friends too.

No dependencies and no DLC required.

Model – 402 tris, lod – 74 tris
Textures – 1024 and 64.

You might see a little pop when the model switches from lod to the full model. This is because the lod is situated slightly above ground to compensate for the fact that the terrain pops back in at lod distances. I hope it’s not too noticeable.

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What is this mod use for

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