Quad’s Darco

Quad’s Darco

Architectural nightmare.

– Size: 12×12
– Type: Unique Level 3
– Main Tri: 5,219, 2048×2048
– LOD Tri: 635, 512×512
– Description: De-Urbanized Arcological Construct is a reactionary response to the rigid archetypal Arcologies.
– Source: Darco Arcology (Simcity 2000)

– Cost: 250,000
– Upkeep: 1,280/week
– Workers: 0/80/80/80
– Attractiveness: 15
– Entertainment: 150
– Radius: 1,150
– Pollution: None
– Summary: Is expensive, has high worker count, has very large entertainment radius.

Stats With Ploppable RICO
– The Ploppable RICO is not working right now. Please be patient.

– The asset may have already-built icon in the building UI due to a game glitch, making it hard to spot. This asset still can be selected and built regardless, if the city has not gotten one yet.

Conceptual Notes
– Happy halloween 2017.

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Quad Rioters
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