Offshore Substation

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Offshore Substation

This transformer substation transmits power accross oceans, lakes and rivers.
Offshore Substations are used to collect electricity from Offshore Wind Turbines
and send their output towards shorelines via submerged cables.

The station can be ‘aimed’ in a preferred direction. Rightclick and drag to rotate, leftclick to place.
Multiple substations can be chainlinked together. If you place two in opposing directions, you can leave a large gap for shipping lanes. Two stations can easily replace four Power Line segments.

Power: 0MW
Cost: 2500
Upkeep: 16
Pollution: 0
Noise: 25
Cells: 16×2

Model is very loosely based on Gunfleet Sands Wind Farm:

Only 350 tris with lod
1024×1024 Diff, Spec & Alpha

Offshore Wind Turbine available here:

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