Crane Rails Prop Pack 3

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Crane Rails Prop Pack 3

Tired of just plopping your harbor cranes down on bare ground? This pack provides rails for movable cranes, in prop form.

This is the “Other Creators” pack, with gauges set for other popular rail cranes, mainly those produced by Matt Crux. Contained:

– pre-set 9-meter gauge rails with and without endstops
– pre-set 30-meter gauge rails, with and without endstops

The 9-meter gauge fits Matt’s extremely popular Port Crane D. The 30-meter gauge fits his Port Crane B.

Use the props with ends and no ends to create longer rails. These will overlap nicely, so don’t worry about needing odd lengths.

I strongly suggest subscribing to Pack 1, which contains the props needed to accommodate irregular cranes, as well as Matt Crux’s popular Port Crane A.

If you use any of my cranes, I suggest subscribing to Pack 2, which contains special gauges for my Large Gantry Crane.

This pack is intended to improve the convenience for players by providing rails for popular cranes created by others. Big credit and thanks to Matt Crux for creating so many valuable port assets.

A few practical notes on these assets:
– You obviously will need a mod like More Beautification to place props in-game
– I recommend Prop and Tree Anarchy for placing these over and around roads and buildings.
– I strongly recommend that you flatten the terrain before placing these. Even small terrain changes can cause the yellow warning strip to disappear underground.

All these assets come with custom tooltip and thumbnail images to make them easy to use, and easy to match to specific cranes.

Hope these are useful. I’ve seen far too many awesome screenshots of beautiful ports with cranes begging for rails.

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