Brush 8×8 Ruined

Cities: Skylines Mods

Brush 8×8 Ruined

This is a ploppable area filler – part of a collection containing various sizes and styles.

Complete Collection & Video:

* You can paint them almost anywhere, the round 1×1 variations are the most flexible
* Each “brush” has an icon showing its size / style so you can find the one you want quickly.
* You will find them in the water category – because parks spawn seagulls and those are annoying!

Sample Screenshots:

Updated 07/04/2015 – reduced file sizes for all assets

Updated 11/04/2015
Enabled auto bulldozing when placing something over the tiles..
I can’t disable the bulldoze dialog, but this makes it so you don’t have to spend ages bulldozing and confirming each tile just to draw a road or plop something else where they are in use.

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What is this mod use for

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